My two best friends since elementary school and I acting silly and living life to the fullest. I love these guys:)

Hi. My name is Jerica Deck. I’m seventeen years old and am a senior at Bishop McNamara high school. I love to write. I have been on the newspaper for years and have been an editor for three. I also like to write poems, short stories, and even music. What most people don’t know is that I love to draw and I love music. I’ve played piano since the third grade and can tell what time period a song came from just by listening to it. I also love listening to music. I love most genres from pop to hip hop and even some alternative music. My favorite color is purple and I love fashion. I love to laugh and smile. I’m very honest, loyal, caring, and sweet.

To me the most valuable thing in life to me are my friends and family. The people that have been there for me in my roughest moments and cheer me on when I succeed mean the world to me. I don’t know what I’d do without people I can count on, people that make me laugh, and being surrounded by loyal, honest, good hearted, and reliable people. In return I try to do the same for them.


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