Five Pillars

5 pillars

1. Why is the pronouncement of the shahada central to a Muslim’s identity and
practice of the Islamic faith?

The prounoucement of the shadaha has a deeper menaing of there only being one God and that that God is Allah. Monotheism is one of the key elements of Islam.

2. How does the practice of the salat both mentally and physically help Muslims to
live in obedience to the will of Allah?

Salat or prayer is all about submission to the will of Allah. Physically they are crouching down in the most vulnerable state they can physically be in. Mentally they are giving their all to God through prayer and cleansing.

3. In what ways does the practice of zakat influence Muslims as a community of
faith? In other words, what does this practice say about the Muslim community
and its commitment to the poor and marginalized?

Zakat or charity is all about helping the less fortunate. Similar to Christianity they care about the poor and the marginalized. This shows that they are a caring group of people who believe in themselves not just in the perspective of the muslim community but on a global scale of loving thy neighbors as thyself.

4. How does the practice of sawm both mentally and physically help a Muslim to
live in obedience to the will of Allah?

Sawmn is fasting. It mentally and physically is about submission to allah because it both requires obedience and allows them to relate to the marginalized by feeling hunger.

5. Why do you think that the hajj is a pillar of the Islamic faith? How is this practice
similar and different from other world religions?

Hajj allows the community to come together and celebrate their religion. It requires discipline, introspection, and unification. This is different from Christianity in which our religious meetings are separted in churches across the globe, but can be connected by the pope and various bishops and dioceses verses physically coming together. However it is similar to Judaism in the sense that their goal was to return to a homeland in Israel as Mecca is a historical site for the Islamic community.

6. What do you think are some of the challenges of practicing a life in relationship to
the Five Pillars?

I think that it isn’t challenging if you stick to your belief system, but the only difficulty as that everyone is not participating in it with you. Fasting becomes more difficult if everyone is eating a hamburger and praying five times a day becomes more strenuous when you know your colleagues outside of the faith are just relaxing. However this only because a challenge if you allow it to be.


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