99 Names of Gods

islam33The Oft Forgiving can be associated with feminity. Oft Forgiving means that if one is truly sorry for their sins they can be forgiven and go back on the same track. It is very evident that this trait relates to God as he is very forgiving throughout the bible despite the multiple fall of man. This idea of forgivness is prevalent within Christianity through the sacrament of reconciliation.

Another feminine traight is the Restorer. This means balancing out our shortcomings with a slither of hope. God does this several times throughout the bible. Jesus is constantly calming storms and providing food in a famine. Restoration is all about balance. This is a very good trait for God to have because it allows us to cancel out our negatives.

The guardian on the other hand is a more masculine trait. The guardian role makes God seem more of a father. This role is evident between God and Jesus. It allows us to feel more comfortable praying with them. It establishes a special sort of relationship God that feels personal towards each individual.

Another trait is the all-powerful. This is the awe inspiring trait that allows us to feel submissive. This is the powerful feeling of a higher power. This is explained in the bible through the holy spirit. All powerful is the other side to the guardian role. While he is like a father, there is a clear distinction within his holiness.

The four names and many more show the many aspects of God. The idea of many titles shows that God is complicated. It gives him some depth even more than a single human being. Someone who is forgiving yet powerful is someone that I can believe in. Someone that is a father that can restore my problems yet is strong gives me hope.


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