What Is Judiasm

English: Self-made Star of David in Adobe Illu...

English: Self-made Star of David in Adobe Illustrator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. What are the three functions of a synagogue?

House of Assembly A place where Jews meet to pray, have celebrations, mourn, study the religion, etc. It is more of the supportive and community aspects of the synagogue.

House of Study-Where the Jews study the Torah

House of Prayer- Here is where they pray to God, which they are required to do three times a day.

2) What does the layout of a synagogue look like?

Ark-It is a focal point during prayer symbolizing the eternal light of the Temple. It comes in various sizes and materials.

Torah Scrolls-Scrolls decorated with various jewels and covered with various curtains and coverings.

Ten commandments

3. What is a Rabbi?

A “teacher” or religious leader who guides them through advice, example, and teachings.

How does one become a rabbi?

A rabbi is trained for five years at a seminary. Orthodox rabbis train at yeshivots or orthodox seminaries.

How does a rabbi differ from a clergyman?

Rabbis guide the entire community while clergy men focus on helping the individuals.

4. What is the nature of Shabbat?

Shabbat or the Sabbath is a day of rest. This day is a time to focus on faith and God. The Sabbath is on Saturday, the seventh day of the week.

5. What is the Torah? Talmud?

Torah-The “Torah” are the first five books of the bible. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. However the “torah” is the entire Jewish bible, containing no New Testament.

Talmud-The Oral Torah explaining how to interpret and apply them.

6) Describe the 3 branches of Judaism

Orthodox:Believe in the entire Torah and follow it traditionally.

Reformed: Reformed by Abrahama Geirger, a German Rabi. Focuses more on the belief system of Judaism rather then traditions.

Conservative: a reaction to reformed Judaism. It believes in Jewish law, but evolves it to modern times.

Zionist: The Jewish support for a homeland in Israel.

7) What is Hebrew?

The language of the early Jews

8) What is Yiddish?

The language of early Ashkenazic Jews

9) Define the following Yiddish Terms:

Mazal Tov: good luck, good fortune, congratulations

Shalom: Can mean Peace, hello, or goodbye

Mitzvah: A commandment of the Law

10) Rites of Passage:

Brit Milah (Bris): A ceremony of circumcision

Bar/Bat Mitzvah: A ceremony of initiation into the Jewish community in which a young preteen or teen reads the Torah publicly

Jewish Marriage: A contract through money, writing, or sexual intercourse.

11) Holidays

Rosh Hoshanah-” Head of the year” or the Jewish New Year

Yom Kippur- A day of fasting, synagogue service and resting from work

Hanukkah A day based on the miracle of the oil in which families light a menorah and exchange gifts.

Passover- The 15th of the Jewish month Nissan

12) What is something you knew about Jewish traditions that this confirmed?

This explained about Bar and Bat Mitzvahs which I already knew from attending my best friends Bat Mitzvah. She practice Hebrew and then read the Torah in a synagogue. Then she had a party

13) What is the most interesting or surprising information out of all of this?

Marriage was interesting because it was different from Christian marriage which I did not know.

14) What is one aspect of Jewish tradition which is similar to a tradition in your life?

Going to the synagogue on the  Sabbath on Saturday is similar to going to church on Sunday.

15) What is one aspect of Jewish tradition that is different from a tradition in your life?

The Talmud is oral tradition which is not really intertwined in Christianity.


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