Introduction to Buddhism

Buddha in Sarnath Museum (Dhammajak Mutra) Loc...

Go to the Intro to Buddhism section and read about the Buddha and the Teachings of Buddhism.  Post on your blog an “introduction” to Buddhism that gives a short biography of Siddhartha and then the major teachings of Buddhism (Three Jewels, Threefold Way, 4 Noble Truths, and the Noble Eightfold Path).  Include pictures in your blog post.The Dharmacakra, "Wheel of Dharma", ...

The Buddha was born Sidartha Gautama in what is now Nepal to a royal family. His dad wanted to protect him from the world so he sheltered him in a castle where all his desires where me. However he left the castle one day and encountered age, sickness, and death. seeing these he left his family and all his possessions to be an ascetic. However he realized that this extreme method was hurting him rather than giving him enlightenment. It jus was not his path. Here he decided to obtain a balance. He became the “Awakened One.

Three Jewels:
Yellow:”Buddha” Represents commitment to becoming a Buddha.
Blue: “Dharma ”Represents teachings and truth
Red: “Sangha” Represents spiritual community.

The four Noble Truths:
1) All of life is dukkah or suffering
2) The cause of suffering is desire
3) To end desire is to end suffering
4) Suffering can be stopped by the Noble Eight Fold Path

The Noble Eight Fold Path:
1) Right view-know the truth
2) Right Intention-Free your mind from evil
3) Right Speech-Do not hurt others
4) Right Action-Work for the good of others
5) Right Livelihood- Respect life
6) Right Effort- Resist Evil
7) Right Concentration- Practice Meditation
8) Right mindfulness- Control your thoughts

Buddhist Rosary, Detail

Buddhist Rosary, Detail (Photo credit: mtsofan)


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