Midterm Terms: Marriage

marriageDefintion- The bond between a man and woman in  a strong similar love to

Declaration of Nullity

Abortion-a medical procedure that terminates a pregnancy

Contraception –methods to prevent pregnancy such as birth control or condoms

Sterilization– Giving up the right to bare children

Natural Family Planning

Nuptial Blessing

Fidelity- Remaining faithful to a person, specifically in remaining monogamous

Divorce– terminating a marriage under law. Note that this is not allowed in the Catholic church.

Polygamy-having multiple spouses

Adultery-Sexual acts outside of marriage

Annulment-declaring a marriage to never exist in the first place through the church

Purpose of Marriage

  • Unity-Togetherness
  • Procreation-To be fruitful and multiply by starting a family

Intimacy– An extreme closeness on a physical and emotional level

Scriptural Basis of Marriage– Adam and Eve gave the first model of love between a man and a woman.

Free consent-The right to choose one’s own spouse

Exchange of vows– saying promises to one another to love each other unconditionally before God



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