Midterm Terms: Holy Orders

holy ordersDefinition: Becoming a part in leading the church rather then the laity

Diocese-a series of chirstian churches in one area under the authority of one bishop

Vicar- a priest who declares people a bishop

Ecumenical Coucil-an array of bishops and other religious leaders from Churches around the world that come to together to discuss religious topics and ideas

Infallibility-The idea that the pope is incapable of error

Parish-a divicision of the diocease that has it’s own church and clergy

Stole-what a preist wears on his shoulders to show his hierchy in the church

Seminary-a school that trains priests and ministers

Celibacy-a person who abstains from temptation, specificially sexual activity

Bishops-the third highest rank in the church

Pope-The head of the catholic church

Priest-the second highest rank in the church

Deacon-the fourth highest rank in the church

Clergy-a group of ordained people in a church


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