Midterm Terms: Introductory Unity

Introductory Unit


  • the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe, a person’s total self
  • Locus of a person
  • Root of human desire
  • Clashes with power because power tries to manage our desires
  • Allows us to look at examples from reality more deeply. Allows us to wonder
  • Looks for satisfaction in the present
  • doesn’t know how to belong to a system
    • Thus our desires from the heart all always good, better than the power that tries to manage our desire


  • To long or hope for
  • The nature of our existence
  • Desire for the impossible and total satisfaction
    • This idea clashes with reality
  • All desires are good ones
    • “bad” desires can be considered a teaching/lesson
  • Power creates structures systems and ideologies to manage our desire


  • occurring or existing in actuality
  • Usually disappoints our unlimited desire
  • Origin
    • If we can put together desire for the impossible with reality is it real
  • Correlates with
    • Reasonableness
      • The ability to account for reality accord to the totality of its factor

Four Truths of the “I”

1. I do not make myself

2. I have unlimited desires

3. My abilities are limited by my reality

4. I expect to be happy


  • Ontos
    • Being, existence
  • Ology
    • Logic, reason
  • Definition
    • a particular theory about the nature of being or the kinds of things that have existence
    • One’s reason for being
  • In other words
    • “what makes you, you?”


  • the qualities that constitute an existent thing
  • Synonym
    • existence
  • Nature of being is our desires

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