The Divine Sense of Humor [Distance Learning #2]

 “What is the Divine Sense of Humor?”  How does it relate to what we have discussed in class about sign and symbol?

Humor is often used to describe the trait of a comedian. A comedian takes familiar situations and twist them from ordinary to funny. For example, on the show Everybody Hate’s Chris his narations allow us to relate and laugh at normal situations in his everyday life. Similarly  humor in the divine sense is about “seeing through something”. This means taking an ordinary aspect of something and finding an extraordinary meaning.

Symbols allow us to do that. Red sign with two golden arches is a symbol for McDonalds. When we see  the sign it isn’t actually a fast food establishment. The plastic component itself is not what we focus on; rather it’s the idea in our head of the food and the atmosphere in McDonalds. The sign represents the idea rather than shows us the idea.

The idea of the Divine Sense of Humor is applying this logic towards Christ. Christ himself presents what he represents. He is completely God making him more than a symbol. His acts on the other hand see past the standards of society and nature. He takes ordinary parts of nature that people see everyday such as wine, water, and fish. He then takes them and turns them into miracles. These miraculous stories personify greater ideas of their morals and purposes. Thus this transpires water into the idea of sharing, loving, humanity, or any other Christian virtue. The important of symbols and sacraments is the idea of taking something common that every one can relate to and creating a universal lesson of something bigger. This is how symbols can bring us closer to God.


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