Are All Things Known in the Same Way?


Q: Are all things known in the same way?

A: No. Things are not all known in the same way. Some things are acquired by knowledge or reasoning. For example I know that if 2x+1=5 then x=2. How? Education, the laws of mathematics, and previous experiences have showed me that if you subtract 1 from each side of the equation you get 2x=4 and if you divide both sides by 2 you come to the conclusion that x=2. Other times we know things because they are told to us. These facts may not necessarily be true, but we are conditioned to see them as true so thus they are true to us. For example, if I had a red cup I would think it is a fact that the cup is indeed red. This is because some where previously in life someone has told me to associated this tomatoey hue as “red”. However to a color blind person it’s “grey” and to a french person it’s “rouge.” We are all right in the sense that this fact is relative. Similarly we can decipher the way we come to know things by opinion. It’s not a fact that Nicki Minaj is the best rapper in the world because it’s arbitrary. However I think that she is. Thus she is the best rapper in my opinion based on my internal feelings and personal preferences, so that is how I have come to know and understand this theory as true. However another person might know this to be untrue as they prefer Wale or Kanye West. Then it is true to them. While we both know this, it technically is neither fact or fiction as it is a reflection on our feelings and emotions.  Another form of knowledge is faith. I personally have the naive belief that all people are essentially good and generally have a drive to be good people. While I may have arguments as to why this is true, however because it is a belief system I have no concrete evidence to logically prove my point in the same way of a math problem. I know that this is true because I can feel it. Similar to an opinion as it is derives from the inside, it continues to involve a bit of uncertainty in some sense. However it eliminates a strong sense of doubt because it comes from something pure. Thus beliefs and emotions are in some sense both opinionated and accurate blurring the line between opinion and blunt facts. These are the various forms of knowledge and I’m sure that there are many more. Thus, after stringing together proof, evidence, and logical reasoning, I have come to the conclusion that are definitely not known in the same way.


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