What is a CD? What can it become?

Find an object in your home (any object, person, etc.) and describe that object, trying to account for all of its factors. The goal is try to see what it means to be “reasonable” to account for something in reality according to all of its factors. 

Normal Uses:

  • to listen to music
  • to share music with other people
  • to use as a USB device

Other Uses:

  • Mirrors (due to their reflective quality)
  • Frisbees
  • Canvases for art
  • Cut up to make DIY projects
  • Coasters for coffee tables
  • Stencils to make circles
  • A gift
  • And so much more

The idea behind this is to show that with objects there is more that meets the eye. While you can simply use a CD as a compact mirror, if you never actually listen to it the CD never reaches it’s true potential.

Similarly people often do this to themselves. They see life one way, but never explore all the possibilities. They might think that their purpose is simply money and power, but never experience the extent of happiness, God, their identity, and so much more. They never realize their true potential because they are still looking at their reflection in their CD.


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