What does my happiness consist of? What makes me happy?

For me, personal happiness comes from a sense of fulfillment. There are simple pleasures that fulfill the whimsical side of my happiness. There is the more complicated fulfillment of my needs. Lastly, there is the feeling of being filled and being complete.

Happiness doesn’t have to be this deep unanswerable quest all the time. Sometimes the thing that makes me happy is something simple like a song on the radio or the color purple. The little things that make me smile fulfill my need of temporary satisfaction and enjoyment. Laughter, music, writing, clothes, candy, swings, making funny faces in the mirror, and more are all things that make me happy. This type of happiness is more of an emotion or a temporary state of being. They fulfill my need of happiness now, but I can’t just make a silly face or listen to music all of my life and be happy twenty four seven. This type of happiness is affected by my environment and personal circumstances.

Another type of happiness directly correlates with my needs and desires. If I’m hungry then a sandwich would make me happy. However my desires are more complicated than something as simple as hunger and thirst. In human nature, desires tend to be limitless. People tend to want the clothes they can’t afford, to date the boys that don’t like us, to be more popular than is possible, or to be more beautiful then we always are. For us the grass always seems to be greener on the other side.


With our needs and desires never meant, we can never be fulfilled as people. If I always want what I can’t have then I will never have what I want. I will never be complete simply because I like the chase and ambition that comes with being incomplete. Therefore in a sense while something small like pink nail polish can make me happy, ultimately I’ll never truly be happy because it’s just not humanly possible to be completely satisfied with everything in life all the time.



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